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Customer survey, Relais plein air du parc de la Gatineau

The Relais plein air du parc de la Gatineau (RPAPG), located at 397 Cité-des-Jeunes Boulevard in Gatineau (at Gatineau Park parking lot P2), is currently working with its partners to develop a revitalization plan in order to better serve its community and its clients.

Thanks to its location in the heart of Gatineau Park and its proximity to the city and several schools, the Relais is a prime gateway to the superb network of several hundred kilometres of hiking, cycling and cross-country ski trails maintained by the National Capital Commission.

By completing the survey below, you will help the Relais management better understand your needs and your level of satisfaction with the services offered. To lighten the text, in the questionnaire the single word Relais is used to designate the Relais plein air du parc de la Gatineau.

Thank you for your input!

The Relais Team