Conditions relating to cross-country skiing activities

Conditions relating to cross-country skiing activities

1. Applicable General Conditions

1.1 Prior to making any group reservation, please ensure you select the correct package. If you are uncertain which is the appropriate choice for your needs, please contact us at Participants must include their level of experience in the selected sport at the time of reservation, as well as an email address and mobile phone number in order to be reachable before lessons begin.

1.2 All those participating in physical activities at the Relais plein air must fill out the Participant Agreement.

1.3 The person making the reservation must ensure it matches the age and ability level of each participant (adults or children). Relais plein air personnel could request a proof of age.

1.4 All participants over the age of 13 must hold a daily or seasonal pass to use Gatineau Park trails during the activity. Some activities include the pass; otherwise, daily passes can be purchased separately at the Relais plein air. Other types of passes may be purchased online on the National Capital Commission website.

1.5 If registering for a group lesson, indicating the level of each skier is important in order to create balanced groups; we ask that you pay particular attention to this question and make sure to mention the age and ability level of each person. If you are hesitating between individual and group lessons, please contact us so we can help with your decision.

1.6 Reservations for lessons are not considered final until paid in full.

1.7 If equipment or passes are required or included in the reservation, participants are asked to come by the Relais plein air in advance to select the proper equipment and get the passes.

1.8 It is participants’ responsibility to inform themselves of the exact time and location of the lesson as well as how to reach the rendezvous point, as to take into account travel time.

1.9 Lesson times and locations may change according to weather conditions. Participants must pay attention to all changes and keep themselves informed of any modification to the schedule. Changes to group lessons will be communicated on the Relais plein air Facebook page. For private lessons, the instructor will communicate all changes directly to participants.

2. Accident insurance

2.1 The cost of lessons and packages does not include personal accident insurance for participants.

3. Changes to lessons post-reservation and payment 

3.1 For organizational and programming reasons, no changes (schedule, dates, number of participants, activity, ability level) can be made after confirmation and payment of reservations. Participants must make sure to book the proper lesson and to complete all fields of the registration form before they proceed with payment.

3.2 Following reservation confirmation and payment, group lessons cannot be exchanged for private lessons or other activities.

3.3 The duration of private lessons cannot be modified. 

3.4 The main participant can add participants to a private lesson by paying the difference in cost up to 24 hours prior to the lesson.

4. Lesson cancellation by client 

4.1 In the case of a cancellation by the client, refunds will be calculated as follows:

  1. Cancellation 61 days or more before the activity = 100% refund
  2. Cancellation between 31 and 60 days before the activity = 75% refund
  3. Cancellation between 15 and 30 days before the activity = 50% refund
  4. Cancellation less than 15 days before the activity = no refund

4.2 If a client is physically incapacitated (e.g. illness or accident, attested by a medical certificate) in a manner that hinders participation in the activity less than 15 days before the activity, a 50% refund can be requested for remaining undelivered lessons.

5. Lesson cancellation by the Relais plein air

5.1 The Relais plein air can cancel an activity in the following cases:

  1. If an hour prior to a lesson, Environment Canada forecasts temperatures equal to or below –25 Celsius, with or without wind-chill.
  2. Relais plein air personnel are unable to deliver the activity. 
  3. Gatineau Park is closed. 

5.2 In the case of a cancellation by the Relais plein air, Management reserves the right to:

a. Reschedule private lessons to a date that is convenient to both the client and the Relais plein air.

b. Postpone group programs to a later date. 

6. Group program management

6.1 It is the responsibility of the Relais plein air to change skiers’ groups according to their progress in order to ensure they benefit from the best learning experience.

6.2 The Relais plein air does it utmost to satisfy requests from members of the same family or group to participate in the same program; however, for technical reasons or depending on participant numbers, this is not always feasible.

7. Photos and videos 

During activities, an authorized personnel member may take photos or videos of participants (adults and children). Some of these photos and videos may be used on the Relais plein air website and other publications. If you do not wish for your image to be used, email us at

8. Private ski lessons 

8.1 Reservations for private lessons should include skiers of similar ages and ability.

8.2 If a reservation for private lessons includes participants of various ability levels, the instructor will base his lesson on the less experienced skier or will agree with participants to divide the lesson between participants according to their respective ability level.

8.3 When reserving a private lessons package, the Relais plein air will make arrangements for all lessons to be delivered by the same instructor; if lessons are booked one at a time this cannot be guaranteed.

8.4 Location for private lessons will be determined by our staff prior to lessons. If participants book a lesson at the last minute, they must contact the Relais plein air to learn of the rendezvous point.

8.5 If participants miss a lesson because they are late or because they did not reach the agreed rendezvous point, no refund will be granted. If the start of the lesson is delayed due to one participant’s tardiness, the lesson will not be extended and will end at the usual time. 

9. Group lessons 

Group lessons can include a maximum of 12 participants of similar levels, children or adults. Children over 13 can join a group of adults of similar ability. To join a group, children must be over 4, unless previously agreed upon with the Relais plein air. The Relais plein air does it utmost to create groups of children of similar ages, but this is not always possible.