Equipment Rental

Equipment Rental

The Relais offers skis, snowshoes and fat bikes rental. You can use our online shop to make your reservations. Confirmations are sent once the transaction is completed. Onsite rentals are available on an exceptional basis only.

The ski, snowshoe and fat bike trails start right behind the Relais, and connects to the Gatineau Park trail network!

It is possible to purchase the Daily Pass (Gatineau Park) directly at the Relais. Please note that equipment rentals do not include access rights to Gatineau Park or any other public or private space in which rental equipment is used. Visit our online store for daily passes.

Cross-country ski daily pass

Snowshoes and fat bikes daily passes

Rental conditions

Rental users agree to the terms of use available here.


Rental time 21″ (< 68 kg) 25″ and more (>54 kg)
1h 4$ 6$
3h 7$ 10$
Full day 12$ 15$
Weekend 20$ 28$

* taxes excluded

* AccèsGatineau+ card holders : only one-hour reservations are authorized. Presentation of the card is required when collecting the rental.


Classic skis (poles included)

Cross country ski rentals, waxless with  scales or skins, various brands with NNN bindings.

Includes skis and poles for periods of 1.5 hour, 3.5 hours, a day or a weekend. Boots are booked separately at additional costs.

Rental Time Waxless – scales (Junior and adult) Skin skis (adult)
1h30 8$ 10$
3h30 12$ 14$
Journée 16$ 18$
Weekend 24$ 28$

Reserve now

Reserve now

*taxes excluded

Skate skis (poles included)

Skate ski rental, Rossignol X-ium WCS or Zymax with NNN bindings.

Includes skis and poles for periods of 1.5 hour, 3.5 hours, a day or a week end. Boots are booked separately, at additional costs.





10$ 10$
3h30 14$



18$ 19$
Fin de semaine 28$



Reserve now Reserve now

*taxes excluded

Classic and Skate Ski Boots :

Classic or skate cross country ski boots rental, Rossignol or Fischer, NNN type.

Available for periods of 1.5 hour, 3.5 hours, a day or a week end.

Rental time Classic Skis
Junior Adult Junior Adult
1h30 5$ 6$ 5$ 6$
3h30 7$ 8$ 7$ 9$
Day 10$ 12$ 10$ 13$
Weekend 16$ 18$ 16$ 19$

*taxes excluded

Click-here to learn more about boot sizes.

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Wax Iron

Wax Iron (1 hour) : Free, on-site

Trailer for ski type Chariot CX1 for a child

Half day : $35  + taxes

Day :  $50 + taxes

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 Cross-country ski sledging for people with disabilities available.

Please get in touch with us at

More info here.

Fat bikes

Blizzard 20 Fat bike rental for a ride in the Gatineau Park.

 The sizes are determined by the height (in feet) of the participants. Limited amount of bikes available.

Rental time Price
1h 25$
3h 45$
Day (9am to 5pm) 80$
Weekend (Saturday 9am until Sunday 5pm) 120$

*taxes excluded

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Refund policy

Reservations can be canceled up to 48 hours in advance. They are no longer reimbursable thereafter, unless Gatineau Park is closed, a public health measure is in place or in the event of illness or accident, with a doctor’s note. Reservations can be transferred to another person at any time. For refund, cancellation or transfer requests, email us at  “ “

Discovery Package:

This option is only intended for customers who purchase a Discovery Package in our Outdoor Experiences (to be announced soon).


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