Our team

We encourage our teachers to improve their skills and innovate in their teaching method. All of our teachers have a professional teaching certificate.

Professionalism, integrity, loyalty and efficiency are core values at Relais Yoga.


Marie Laferrière

Relais Yoga coordinator and manager





Fernande Surprenant

I am passionate about yoga, which I have practiced for over thirty years and which I have been teaching for 10 years. I am a naturotherapy practitioner and health has always interested me. I am trained in Kripalu yoga and Vini-inspired yoga with more than 500 hours of teaching including the ergonomics of postures.

Coracoeur, Therapeutic aid and yoga



Suzanne Moorhead

Suzanne completed her 200-hour Hatha yoga teacher training in 2006. Since then, she has taken courses in Yin yoga, regenerating yoga (or restorative yoga) and Nidra yoga. She has been teaching at Relais Yoga since its creation in the fall of 2007.

Each teacher has her “colors” or affinities and sources of inspiration. Those of Suzanne are nature, gentleness and calm, including the silences that do good. Yoga Nidra, also known as meditative sleep yoga, which provides great relaxation for the body and mind, is always offered during Suzanne’s classes. Occasionally, she also guides contemplative walks around the Relais Plein Air. The yoga that Suzanne shares is one of discovery of well-being and compassion for oneself.



Louise Picard

Louise Picard Kripalu RYT, yoga enthusiast for more than 25 years, she has been teaching since 2008.

Among other things, she offered courses in the workplace in the Capital region, as well as at the Embassy of Canada in Paris, where she lived for 4 years. It was also during this period that she did private education and was a member of the Association of Friends of André Van Lysebeth, where she had the opportunity to attend master classes.

Faithful to the Kripalu tradition, she works to make Yoga accessible to all, among other things by teaching an adapted Yoga. She invites her students to explore, to discover a unique practice, in compassion and self-acceptance, with breathing as an anchor to guide movements in mindfulness.

Yoga Kripalu 200hrs, Pranayama vital energy 70hrs, Restorative Yoga 75hrs


Carole-Ann Bilodeau

Carole Ann discovered yoga in 2008. Her practice has helped her cope with the stress she experienced both in her personal life and at work. She continued to find herself on her mat for the feeling of physical and mental well-being that Hatha Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Restorative Yoga brought her. She has learned through practice how to adapt the postures to her body using blocks, straps and bolsters. His passion for yoga and his desire to share it with others led him to undertake his teacher training. She completed restorative yoga training in May 2014 and her 200 hour teacher training in Kripalu Yoga in June 2014. She also completed Roundness yoga in 2016 and Yoga for All in 2017. Carole Ann can’t wait to share his passion for yoga which adapts to all with you!



Céline Dupaul

Céline to complete in 2018 a professorial certification of 200 hours in Hatha Yoga in addition to a training in Yin Yoga of 40 hours. Drawing on his background in health science, retired occupational therapist and his passion for the human body and how it works. She takes the time to explain basic anatomical principles to promote safe practice. In addition, she obtained a level 1 certification in 2019 from Yoga Tune Up® for teaching with therapeutic balls, which allows her to tailor her classes to the needs of her students.