Terms of use for short-term rental space

1. Rental space

1.1 The Relais plein air du Parc de la Gatineau (“Lessor”) or (“Relais plein air”) leases to the Lessee the provided rental space for the duration agreed upon at the time of reservation and appearing on the invoice, for the amount allocated according to the rental duration, room type and requested additional services.

1.2 All reservations remain provisional until reception of the Confirmation Deposit by the Relais plein air.

2. Amount Due

2.1 The Lessee agrees to make a Confirmation Deposit for the reservation of the rental space equivalent to 50% of the rental value in addition to applicable taxes. Deposits are non-refundable.

2.2 The Lessee agrees to pay the full cost for the rental and all applicable taxes 10 business days prior to the date of the event. In case of default, the reservation will be cancelled and the Relais will retain the Confirmation Deposit.

2.3 In the event of date modification by the client over 10 business days prior to the reserved date, the Relais plein air will reimburse the Confirmation Deposit minus a $75 administrative fee.

3. Conditions

3.1 The Lessee agrees to use the rental space solely for the purposes indicated to the Lessor.

3.2 The Lessee understands that Relais plein air personnel may come and go about the rental space. 

3.3 The parking lot adjoining the Relais plein air is included in the rental space but remains non-exclusive, unless it has been specifically reserved and related fees have been included in the rental agreement. 

3.4 The Lessor agrees to use the catering services exclusive to the Relais, namely the Café des Sentiers, or to pay the external food service fee as specified in the rental agreement.

3.5 In all advertising or communications, the Lessor agrees to avoid mentioning or making it seem as though the activity taking place in the rental space is in any way organized or sponsored by the Relais plein air, unless prior written consent from the Relais plein air has been obtained.

3.6 The Lessor agrees to return the rental space to its original condition at the end of the rental period, including any moved furniture or equipment. The Relais plein air will invoice the Lessor for any cost incurred to return the rental space to its original condition.

3.7 The Lessor will assume responsibility for any damage to the rental space that may be caused by the Lessor or third parties, including to equipment or furniture placed in the rental space during the rental period. The Lessor releases le Relais plein air from any liability for damage to the Lessor, third parties or their goods during the rental period. 

3.8 The Lessor will obtain and pay for any license or permit required by law for the activities taking place. Namely, a reunion permit is mandatory if the Lessor wishes to serve alcoholic beverages: an application must be submitted to the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux du Québec (RACJQ) at www.racj.gouv.qc.ca. This application must be submitted by the person, group, association or moral person organizing the event. The Lessor agrees to provide a copy of the reunion permit to the Relais plein air as the case may be.

3.9 It is strictly forbidden to serve or sell alcoholic beverages to minors (persons under 18 years of age), and to smoke, vape or consume cannabis in the rental space, the parking lot or less than 9 meters from the Relais door. If the Lessor or its representative becomes aware of an infraction to this clause, it will advise the Lessee to correct the infraction immediately. Otherwise, the rental agreement will be immediately terminated, without any reimbursement.

3.10 The Lessee will not sublet or loan the rental space, in part or in whole, nor transfer the rental agreement without prior consent from the Relais plein air.

3.11 Access to the service area (behind the counter) and to the kitchen is reserved for Relais plein air employees and its food service concession holder, the Café des Sentiers. Only Lessees having booked an external caterer and having paid the associated fee will be able to use this space, according to the existing Café des Sentiers policies.

3.12 The Relais plein air may cancel a reservation if the Lessee’s activities conflict with the usual activities of the Relais plein air, Mont-Bleu Sports Complex, City of Gatineau or Gatineau Park.

3.13 The Lessee agrees to abstain from hateful, discriminatory, racist or sexist statements or acts or incitement to violence and agrees to be held accountable, personally or as an organization, for maintaining order in the rental space for the rental period. The Relais plein air may terminate the reservation if the Lessee fails to respect this agreement or if the Relais plein air has reason to doubt the agreement will be respected.

3.14 The Lessee must respect the room capacity for the rental space. The Lessee must manage the presence of all persons attending the activity during the rental period if the rental is exclusive in nature. The Lessee will adjust the number of persons. If the Lessee fails to respect capacity limitations, the agreement will be immediately terminated without reimbursement and the Lessee will be asked to vacate the premises.

3.15 The Relais plein air cannot be held responsible for any default or delay caused by circumstances beyond its control. 

4. Specific clauses

4.1 The Lessee agrees to abstain from gluing anything to the walls or floors, from removing or covering any signs, decorations or sports memorabilia (plaques, banners or photos), and from replacing any lighting elements, unless there is prior written consent from the Relais plein air. No decoration or furniture must be hung or impede the fire prevention system (sprinklers). It is also forbidden to use firecrackers, sparklers, or incense. If a false alarm is triggered, the Lessee will pay the fine imposed to the Lessee or the Relais plein air du parc de la Gatineau by the Service des Incendies de la Ville de Gatineau. 

4.2 The Lessee agrees to respect the instructions that have been or will be transmitted by the Relais plein air on occasion.