1. Rented spaces

1.1 The Gatineau Park Outdoor Relay (“Landlord”) or “Open Air Relay”) leases the spaces to the Tenant for the duration of the booking and appearing on the invoice, for the amount provided according to the duration, the type of room and the additive services requested.

2. Price

2.1 The Tenant undertakes to pay in full the cost of the rental for the rented spaces as well as the applicable taxes 10 working days before the date of the event.

2.2 In the event of a change of date by the customer, more than 10 working days before the date of the event, the Relay will charge an administration fee of $75. 

3. Conditions

3.1 The Tenant undertakes to use the leased spaces for the purpose of the activity as presented to the Landlord.

3.2 The tenant agrees that there may be comings and goings of the Outdoor Relay staff in the rented space. 

3.3 Parking adjacent to the Outdoor Relay is included in the rented space, but remains non-exclusive, unless it has been specifically reserved and the associated costs have been paid.

3.4 The Tenant undertakes to either use the exclusive catering services at the Relais, the Café du Relais, or pay the external catering costs stipulated in the contract. 

3.4 – A: A fee of $ 80 is added to space rentals when the Tenant decides to bring his own food. 

3.5 The Tenant engages in his advertising, unless authorized by the Outdoor Relay, not to mention or suggest, in any way, that the activity that will take place in the rented spaces is an activity of the Outdoor Relay or what is sponsored by the Outdoor Relay.

3.6 The Renter undertakes to leave, at the end of the Rental Period, the rented spaces in their original condition, including the location of furniture or equipment. The Outdoor Relay will charge the Tenant all the costs necessary to restore the rented spaces.

3.7 The Tenant will be responsible for any damage that may be caused or that could be caused by third parties to rented spaces, equipment and furniture placed in leased spaces during the rental period. The Tenant relieves the Outdoor Relay of any liability for damage caused to himself, third parties and their property during the rental.

3.8 The tenant undertakes to pay and obtain any licence or permit required by law for his activities.

3.9 It is strictly forbidden to serve or sell alcoholic beverages to minors (under the age of 18), to smoke, vape or consume cannabis in rented spaces, its parking and within 9 metres of the entrance door of the Relay. If the Landlord or his representative finds a violation of this clause, he will advise the Tenant to correct this defect immediately. Otherwise, the rental will be terminated immediately, without any refund.  

3.10 The Tenant may not sublet or lend, in whole or in part, the leased space, nor will it be able to sell its lease without prior authorization from the Outdoor Relay.

3.11 Access to the service area (behind the counter) and the kitchen is restricted to Relais plein air employees and the food service dealer, Café du Relais.  Only Tenants who have booked with the outdoor catering service and paid the fees will be able to use this space, according to the policies of the Café du Relais in force.

3.12 The Outdoor Relay will be able to cancel the reservation if the Tenant’s activities conflict with the normal activities of the Outdoor Relay, the Mont-Bleu sports complex in the City of Gatineau and the Parc de la Gatineau.

3.13 The Tenant undertakes not to speak or act of a hateful, discriminatory, racist or sexist nature, not to incite violence and to stand in person or a responsible body by ensuring that order is maintained in the rented spaces during the rental period. The Outdoor Relay may terminate the booking if the Tenant misses this commitment or the Outdoor Relay has reason to believe that such a commitment may not be kept.

3.14 The tenant must respect the capacity of persons allowed in the rented space. The Tenant must manage the presence of all persons present during the rental, when it is exclusive in nature.  The Tenant will have to adjust the number of people. Failing to meet this capacity, the tenancy will be immediately terminated, without refund, and the Tenant invited to leave the premises. 

3.15 The Outdoor Relay cannot be held responsible for any defect or delay in execution caused by circumstances beyond its control.

4. Special clauses

4.1 The Tenant undertakes not to stick anything on the walls and floor, not to remove or cover any elements of signage, decoration and sports recognition (plates, banners or photos) and not to replace any element of the lighting, except on permission Of the Outdoor Relay. No decorative or furnishing elements should be suspended or interfere with the operation of fire prevention systems (sprinkler system). It is also forbidden to use bengal fires, magic candles or to burn incense. In which case a false fire alarm is triggered, the Tenant will have to pay the fines imposed on the Tenant or the Gatineau Park Outdoor Relay by the Gatineau City Fire Department.

4.2 The Tenant undertakes to follow the instructions that have been or will be transmitted to him by the Outdoor Relay from time to time.